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Ambiance CLX

Glacier Crystal Glass with Blue Flame

Slim Fire

Fantastic Flame



Frameless Electric Fireplace top

Frameless Fire Features:

  • Completely frame less design - totally flush with interior wall and serviceable from the front
  • Surround material covers firebox to only show fire
  • Year round flames with or without heat.
  • Multiple interior choices - logs, crystal glass, blue or orange flame patterns.

Landscape Fire Diagram

Landscape Fire Dimensions Chart

Landscape Fire Specifications

Home Fire Electric Fireplace top

Home Fire - 36" with Glass

Home Fire - 42" with Logs

Home Fire - 60" with Glass

Home Fire Dimensions:

Ambiance CLX Electric Fireplace top

The New CLX Fireplaces feature recessed or wall mounting, LED lighting and screen touch controls. Year round Fireplace Ambiance with or without heat!

CLX fireplaces are available in 40", 60" or 100" widths.

Ambiance sizing chart

Ambiance Features:

  • Electric fireplaces, realistic organic flames
  • Easily switch between blue and orange flames
  • 5" deep, if wall-hung; 1 1/2" forward of wall, if recesses
  • With or without heat, for year-round ambiance
  • LEDs run 75,000 hours, 20-80 watts
  • Range from 2' - 8' in width, use from bar to bath
  • NO venting required, just hang and plug in!

Slim-Fire 40" Electric Fireplace top

Slim Fire Features:

Fantastic Flame 43" Electric Fireplace top

Fanastic Flames

Fantastic Flame Features: